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With the Vapor Giant v6 S, Vapor Giant presents the newest, long-awaited member of the V-Series. As usual with Vapor Giant, the v6 S is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 23 mm. Through a well thought-out design, the v6S has a 360° movable tankshield. Here, the brothers from Austria have really thought and also included a matching PEI tankshield in the scope of delivery. If you do not like the glass, you can easily swap it for the PEI Tankshield.

The filling volume of the v6 S is 5.5 ml. It is filled with a Topfill-System, which is equipped with a child safety device. The base and the tank of the v6 S are also equipped with a child safety lock. The Liquidcontrol, which is already known from the predecessors of the V-series, can be continuously adjusted to guarantee a perfect flow.

The Airflow of the v6 S can shine with some special features. On the one hand is the infinitely adjustable bottom airflow, which can be set wonderfully and leaves nothing to desired. If you are still not statisfied with the draft, you have the option to generate your preferred draft with the 9 holes in the deck. From these 9 holes can be closed up to 6, which promotes a more stricter draft.


Features of the Vapor Giant v6 S
360° movable Tankshield
5,5 ml tankcapacity
infinitely adjustable Bottom-Airflow
Airflow adjustable via holes in the deck (6 from 9 holes can be closed)
Topfill-System with child safety lock
infinitely adjustable Liquidcontrol
Base and Tank with child safety
PEI Tankshield included (glass tankshield installed)
Technical details of the Vapor Giant v6 S
Type: RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)
Diameter: 23 mm
Tankvolume: 5.5 ml
Thread: 510 Thread
DripTip: 510 PEI DripTip
DripTip-connection: 510
AFC: infinitely adjustable Bottom-Airflow
Airflow adjustable via holes in the deck (6 lockable holes)
Filling: Topfill-System
Serial number: yes
Material: stainless steel, glass

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